“…This shirt goes so hard🔥{forthecodeture}”

— @msawesumsauce


“Purchased the Valentines sweater. Great conversation starter at work. Fit and Quality were A1.”

— Anonymous


“Absolutely love the sweaters and the concept. You’re definitely on to something 🔥”

— Cassandra


“I absolutely love this sweater! It was a big hit on my campus during Valentine’s Day!”

— Anonymous



“I’m here for this!! This is dope!”

— @crownmyambition5


“These ctrl+alt+delete shirts are sooo powerful! “





”the barcodes works!!! Genius!”



”…scanned the QR code on the sleeve for the first time. Wow this is so cool lol..”



”I love love love this brand and your story”



“Error 404 - no f*s given - a whole mood🔥🔥🔥”



“Love the designs and its sooo comfortable. I love this sweater”